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I’ve grown up loving the water and want other people to enjoy the water too. My family own a boat and three jetskis. My dad was the one to get me into riding jet skis. When my dad was about twenty or so his friend introduced him to jet skis, back then the only jet skis were stand ups and those are the only type of jet skis my family have ever owned, so my dad bought his own jet ski and started riding almost every day. Eventually my dad and his friends started to race jet skis. I first started riding jet skis at Stockton Lake in a small cove, it was almost the perfect day, a clear blue sky and the temperature was high 80s to low 90s. I never stopped riding after that day. At this moment my family owns two identical 750 bone stalk(straight out of factory) jet skis and a 550 jet ski. When I turned…show more content…
The more gas used means the more gas deposited into the water. A way to get better mileage is to not turn back and forth when driving. The only exception I could think of is when pulling a tube. Another way to reduce the amount of gas you use is to not alway have boat or jetski (if sit down jet ski) filled to its full capacity. One last way to not use as much fuel is to accelerate at a slower speed which will use less gas. One of the best ways that I could think of on how to reduce pollution is make most or all water vehicle engines four-stroke. Four-stroke engines produce much less pollution since the extra gas is not spit into the water. Since four-stroke engines don’t spit extra fuel into the water it keeps the extra fuel in its engine to lubricate parts of the engine. The extra fuel does not just lubricate the engine but cool it down so it does not overheat. If I was rich and new much more about water vehicles I would put my goal of finding a different fuel source to power the engines or ways to improve engines to keep our oceans, lakes, and ponds clean to work as soon as I could

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