Jurassic Park Chapter Summaries

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By Petr Buchman , Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor authors written in 2001. Jurassic park The novel talks about the adventure of Archaeologist call Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park Island with his colleagues in Isia Sorna and why did they go there. The novel Jurassic park III is the third edition. I think this novel is interested because people want to see the live dinosaurs such Models of dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Park or in the movie like Jurassic park films. Dr. Grant cares about his career more that his personal life. He wants to complete his studied about dinosaurs bones. The authors take about how Dr. Grant met with his rich colleagues Paul and his wife Amanda Kirby and Mr. Billy Brennan. Why did he decide to go with him? Kirby’s family…show more content…
Grant was not wanted to go to dangerous place such Isia Sorna but his colleagues wanted that for exciting. Dr. Grant figure that this journey going to help to find more about his studied dinosaurs bones. Dr. Grant with his colleagues flew through a blue sky .when the plane flew down to the green Island. When the plane arrives there is anyone wants to go down to the ground. When he tried to resist but someone hit him on his head. There were three armed men. Alan saw Apatosaur dinosaur from the window. He got surprised. Alan asked them why we came to this dangerous island. Amanda Kirby answered to look for our son Eric Kirby is here .he come with Ben Hildebrand friend of me. They come here for adventure in a boat but they never come back. The dangerous attacked the plane and killed one of the armed men. Alan found Eric. Paul and Amanda Kirby met them son Eric finally. They saw first dinosaur again and Tayrannosaurus Rex fights together. They saw Raptor eggs in the nest. While they walked Alan opened Billy camera bag and saw two Raptors eggs. He got sad and Reprove Billy then he said that is why Raptors fallow us. While they were in this dangerous island they saw InGen built it when it made Jurassic…show more content…
They saw the Pteranodon and the young Pteranodons . Those dinosaurs were attacked them several time. They found boats in the river. They climbed into the boat. Suddenly, The Spinosaurus attacked the boat the fuel flow in the water. They left it. They go inside cage in the water trying to escape it. The cage door open and Paull fell. The dinosaur put one hand inside. Everybody screamed. Paull swam to dry ground .he felt sick about his family. Paull start to climb the crane and shouted to the dinosaur. The dinosaur turned to Paull .everybody out of the river. Alan saw flare gun on the boat. He remember that the fuel of the boat in the water. He shoots into it. The river caught fire. The Spinosaurus ran away. Paull came from the river with marvel. Suddenly Alan saw Pteranodon and Raptors .they run away. Alan thought that Raptors may want those eggs. Amanda put the eggs down on the ground .the Raptor took them and leaves them. They were near to killed. They struggled to stay alive in this dangerous island. Finally the team heard the sound of the plan. The airplane flew above them. Somebody called “Dr. Grant”. They went through a door. Billy decides to write book about

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