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Apollo god of the sun Apollo was the god of many things, and was extremely important to Greek culture. Putting aside the sun he was also the god of archery, music, medicine, and many other things. To this day Apollo still has followers (such as the templapollo.com) that worship him unlike many other Greek gods. Apollo is known and loved to the point of having worshippers in the 21st century and for an ancient religious figure that is beyond impressive. The website templeapollo.com is an online (and offline) community dedicated to worshipping Apollo today. They believe that Apollo is alive and helping those who worship (or will worship him in the future) him and that he still makes people oracles (prophecy giving beings). Kyrene wrote…show more content…
With an image found on imgarcade.com the bow is very visible and easy to decipher facts from. The bow and arrow is his symbol during war (“Apollo”). In peaceful times, he was known most for his lyre (“Apollo”). He was the god of music, being such he was a great musician. His favorite instrument was the lyre, which he used to entertain and sooth other gods. “Within were the gods’ dwellings, where they lived and slept and feasted on ambrosia and nectar and listened to Apollo’s lyre.”(Hamiliton 25). Whereas he loved to play music with instruments, he was also the god of poetry. Apollo was the god of healing, but he was also the god of plague (N.S.Gill “Apollo”) Often times he would be blamed for plagues that the Greeks received, but was praised when a cure was found. Even in times of plague many Greeks still loved and worshipped Apollo, because they saw the sun every day. Being the god of the sun meant that people thought very highly of him, since they needed the sun to work. His twin sister Artemis is the goddess of the moon, which caused a couple small disagreements. He was also known as the god of light. “He is the God of Light, in whom is no darkness at all…” (Hamiliton

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