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“Do you want to play club soccer,” my mom said. “Whats club soccer,” i asked. “It’s competitive soccer,” she said. “Who's on the team,” i said. “Jackie, Adaly,Celeste, and some other girls you have played with,” she said. “Sure i will play why not,” i said. “You do know this will mean you’ll play soccer all year long,” she said. “I'm fine with that i love the sport,” i said. I have been playing soccer for most of my life starting at the age of 5. I really love playing the sport. Whenever my in elementary got to play it i would get so excited. I had started playing AYSO at the age of 5 and it was great. I met new people while getting to play the sport i love. As i got older soccer became a bigger part of my life i started playing…show more content…
i even got more playing time than most eighth graders there. I usually always got to play all four quarters in every game which was fantastic for a kid my age. In about the middle of my 7th grade year i got asked to play in a club soccer team. My mom wasn't to sure about me joining it because she never let my brother play on one because she thought it was to competitive and she didn't want my brother to see that. But she gave me the decision to choose if i wanted to play or not. In the end i decided to join. I started practicing with the team and even got to play a few games with them and it was awesome. I was even playing with an AYSO team and on my school team at the same time i started club. I got to play so much it was wonderful i was obsessed with playing the sport all the time. But then i got to highschool and it went all downhill from there. I signed up for AYSO again as i do every year, i decided to tryout for the school soccer team, and play club soccer. High school soccer is way more serious than middle school soccer. We practice all the time and we run a lot. AYSO even got harder because i moved up to girls under 16 so i am one of the…show more content…
So i have decided to not play on my club team next year. I decided not to play on my club team because I must always travel far to go play with girls i have known for a very long time but whom i am not very good friends with. Mostly just because they are just not the type of girls i would be-friend. Also playing in AYSO has helped me make many new friends and i always meet cool and new people whenever i play which is better than just playing with the same girls over and over again. Therefore I will only play for school and for AYSO soccer starting next year. This has changed my life greatly because it has made me really stressed about everything i need to do like go to practice, finish all my homework, and get good grades all with a short amount of time. This is the first time i have been so stressed in my life i do not appreciate it. I don't want to be stressed out the rest of my high school years. I want to be able to look back at memories i made with my friends, my good grades, and my career in soccer. I love soccer i really do but i think that if you do something you love so much it in can overwhelm you and make you not love that thing anymore and i do not want that happening to

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