Persuasive Summer School

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“I do not need to go to summer school!” Many kids will say this to you because they feel like they don’t need to go. There are multiple reasons why a student could be struggling in school, they could have personal problems at home or they are just not understanding the material. Kids are not getting the help they need over the summer. Then in the beginning of the year teachers have to spend time reteaching the subject, which is more work for them. Struggling students should be required to take summer school because it gives them a chance to re-learn what they didn’t understand, it helps their grades improve, and it gives them a chance to learn more about themselves. Going to summer school may help the student re-learn what they couldn’t understand in class. Students may not always understand the subject that they are learning because they are not putting in the effort or the teachers are not explaining it well. “This teacher should not be paid. We had to teach ourselves in this course.” wrote Maryellen Weimer in Faculty Focus. Struggling students need another chance to learn, so summer school is a great way to re-learn and understand. You can prepare for the next year. If students don’t understand the subject, then most likely they won’t…show more content…
Summer School will help you understand the material which later on will help your grade improve. “Out of the roughly 26,000 students in 3rd through 8th grades who were required to attend summer school, 71 percent were able to move on to the next grade as a result of the summer session, while the other 29 percent were required to stay back.” wrote Heidi Patalano in Everything You Need To Know About Summer School. If you are told to go to summer school you should go. “Taking Summer School to Get Ahead, Not Catch Up.” wrote Kyle Spencer in the New York TImes. Going to summer school gives you the knowledge you need to get good grades next
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