Why Kids Shouldn T Have Competitive Sports Essay

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Why We Shouldn’t Have Competitive Sports Competitive sports are a ticking time bomb- a mish mash of potential injury, expense, and intense pressure. Competitive sports are the new leading cause for injury, causing deadly concussions, memory loss, and life threatening tears. It’s also very expensive, with a growing rate of $500 for one season of travel basketball. Children are neglecting school for sports, with often hurts their grades, making school a struggle. Children shouldn’t play competitive sports because it’s expensive, distracts from school, and causes bad injuries. One reason kids shouldn’t play competitive sports is because it’s very costly. At least 1 in 5 parents over $1,000 a year on youth sports. $1,000 adds up quick, especially if you have 2 kids playing sports or even if you do it every year with one child. These costs can also be used for more important things, like college or housing. In the US, parents spend…show more content…
Three out of four American families with school-aged kids play at least 1 sport. If so many children play competitive sports, there’s less of a focus on getting good grades and succeeding academically and instead focused on going to practice, being a better athlete, and less on being a good student. This sets children up for failure. Studies of high school athletes prove that stressful life and home changes are related to likelihood of injury. Though some would say that sports actually help with time managment, but I’d beg to differ. Practices and competitions can take away time to do work, and if kids aren’t good at handling stress, it can add on to the pressure caused by sports. Making less time for school will cause worse stress later in life. If children are spending more time on sports and less on homework, they’re going to be stressed out, and there’s a bonus potential of injury. It’s not healthy for the athlete, or their

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