High School Sports Research Paper

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Funding High School Sports Worn out uniforms.Weed infested baseball field. Broken helmets. Run down tracks. Ripped balls. Dead football fields. High school sport funds are getting threatened. Without the funding of school sports all of those examples will be a reality. High school wouldn't be the same. High school is a time for young adults to try and find themselves. Having high school sports positively impacts students' lives, so they should continue to be funded. For starters, confidence is a key part in being successful. High school sports being funded should not be a question based on the impact it has on student athletes and teammates. One reason why high school sports are important is because it raises confidence. According to The University of Alberta, "Playing sports not only gives kids confidence, it can also give them more rewarding friendships" (qtd in Couric). The bond of teammates has always been a powerful thing. To have a sport bring together a group of people based around something they all have in common increases the chance for some to connect more and become closer. Knowing students have friends that they can trust around to cheer them on at all times, increases…show more content…
Daniel Gould a director at the institute of Youth Sports, states, "A multi year study conducted in Michigan has shown that children who participate in sports have increased educational aspirations, closer ties to school and increased occupational aspirations in youth" (1). This shows that being on any kind of team sport has an impact on students and their attitudes and academic behavior. Because of the positive attitude and academic behavior benefits, student athletes will now have a goal to reach, which is another reason why high school sports should be
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