Argumentative Essay About Bullying

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What is bullying? Bullying is the action of picking on other’s authority, joy, anger, or even depression. Bullying is not limited to discriminating others, but it includes physical abuse like punching, kicking, taking others’ things, and giving out threats. The bullying that is being shown in movies, TV series, in entertainment and books do not represent the actual meaning of bullying. A couple of examples of bullies are Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter book series, and Regina George from the movie Mean Girls. When these fictional bullies harass other people, it is intended to be funny. Bullying may be funny in the fictional world, but in reality, it is a serious matter. There have been numerous of reports around the world about kids getting…show more content…
Psychologists suggest to the victims of bullying in the first place to control their anger by doing self-defense sports like karate and kickboxing, if bullying makes them angry. But in case that victims get sad and hopeless, which there is no specific healing for them. And as it grows, it ends up committing suicide. The TV series “13 Reasons Why” clearly showed the school environment and how teenagers’ behavior can lead to serious problems. The TV show mainly focuses on the main character’s life story, and how she decided to commit suicide. Hannah, the main character, dealt with several issues in high school, such as being bullied because of her appearance, all the gossips about her relationships with other students, and making fake stories based of the pictures of her that her classmates found out on the social media. The show also focuses on other controversial issues. As an example, the TV show pictured how hard teenagers are trying to prove themselves to their peers. Nowadays, sexual preferences, family issues, and not being famous among other students are the problems that teenagers are dealing with every day in high school. This successful TV show helped teenagers who were bullied, those who bullied others, and all the parents to understand this issue deeply. Hopefully, this show has made changes in teenagers’ lives

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