American Idiot: Play Analysis

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American Idiot provided an interesting outlook into the lives of three American boys. The three main boys all went down different yet similar paths. The paths and struggles these teenage boys encountered can mirror the paths of many American teenagers today. Even though the musical may be a little dated we can still see the relevant issues in today’s society. The overall production, music, and script played very specific roles in crafting the message this musical was attempting to send. We can specifically look at dramatic and production elements, which played a key role into making this musical meaningful to audiences. There are many aspects in this performance, some are new but many are old and have been done time and time again. We can…show more content…
There are many similarities between American Idiot and Plays we have read in class. We can see similarities between Woyzeck and this production. It is very fragmented and disjointed but we can still piece together the story in our minds. Machinal was another play we read with similarities, Machinal was full of expressionism and American Idiot defiantly used a lot of expressionistic elements. There were many different forms of expressionism throughout the play. We can also look at Doll House where Nora was breaking free of the social norms in 1879 the boys were at least attempting to break free from what was expected of them. Tonny was reluctant to go to the army, Will was fighting the responsibilities of being a Dad, and Johnny just wanted to do drugs all day. Eventually they all had to go back because “breaking free” did not work out. You would think it would be harder to break free of social norms back in 1879 but maybe it will always be difficult to stray away from the life you were expected to live. Another Play we can look at would be Los Vendidos. Los Vendidos was about addressing a lot of Mexican Stereotypes. American Idiot was also very stereotypical of what a “rock star’s” life would be like. From the way the characters acted to how they all dressed. American Idiot tried really hard to be shocking and inappropriate because in our minds that is what a “rock star” would be.…show more content…
We either relate to or know of someone who relates to the struggles of these three boys. All three were stuck in a small town, wanting to know what more was out there. They all faced real problems that people go through today, some were self-inflicted, but others may have been beyond their control. They all had dreams of leaving their small town and doing what they want but real life issues stepped in to deter them from their passions. We may not be able to relate to the extremes of what these boys went through with the war, drugs and sex but we may relate to life hitting us in the face and knocking our dreams to the side. Real people have been through what these characters went through which makes this production relevant to today’s audiences. This production also shows that taking responsibility is what will work out in the end. The three boys at the start of the show had a lack of respect and were selfish and wanted to do what they wanted. Tonny was the one that took responsibility the fastest. He wanted to go and escape his small town and party but he had to join the Army. Will was “forced” to stay home to take care of his pregnant girlfriend. He did the “right” thing but did not fully take responsibility until later on down the road. Johnny took the longest to take responsibility, he wanted to take drugs and it took him a long time and a lost relationship to be able to give it up.

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