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Should kids pay to play? Is it fair that kids have to pay to play? I strongly believe no, and I believe this for many reasons. My first reason, and most important reason, is that not all families make enough money to pay for their kid to play a very expensive sport. Although, some kids can afford it the price still may turn them down. There are many reasons for that. Another reason why pay to play may not be fair is because some kids pay but get no play time. Now that isn’t fair for anybody. Does the price to play sports turn some kids down, I believe so. I believe that there are many reasons why it may, but not all reasons apply to each child, because we all know that every child is different. According to Jeff Papworth a member of Heritage Media, “One in five parents who make less than sixty thousand dollars per year reported their child had decreased activity.” Some kids aren’t raised very wealthy and try to save the family some money, and when the kids see that thousand dollar price tag for registration and gear they are immediately turned off about that sport. Again like Jeff Papworth said, “Sixty-one percent of sport participants were charged an average…show more content…
Not every family is extremely wealthy. According to the University of Michigan Health System, “Sixty percent of single or divorced families make less than fifty-thousand dollars per year.” Now that’s a lot of people and families. The prices for pay to play definitely will lower participation rates, although there are some exceptions. According to Claudia Rowe with the Seattle times, “Lower income families may have the price lowered for them.” That is a great thing it will also help the obesity rates if every school done this. Again according to Claudia Rowe, “After Lake Washington went from seventy-five dollars to two hundred and seventy-five dollars per sport there was a thirteen percent drop in athletic

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