Should Kids Play Competitive Sports Research Paper

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A lot of controversy has come up about should kids play competitive sports. People argue that competitive sports are good for staying fit because of all the practices and games that kids play plus what they do besides playing sports. Others say they excluded kids from having fun. People think it's unfair that their kid can't play and other kids can. Absolutely Not, kids shouldn't play competitive sports because they are too dangerous, time consuming, and cost to much money. One reason why kids shouldn't play competitive sports is because they are to dangerous. It's almost like every single a kid is getting injured. In football there are so many broken bones and concussions that an E.M.T is at almost every game. Parents sit on the sideline watching their kids and praying that they don't get hurt. "A kid gets hurt or injured once every 25 seconds wile playing a sport "( Ryan Jaslow, Study: Kids Hurt During Sports Every 25 Seconds). This shows that when playing competitive sports it is almost a guaranty that your child is going…show more content…
The amount of kids that suffer having time for homework is way to much. With kids having practice almost every day and all the other activities that they do like religion. The time that kids have decreases by a great amount. The sports practice and school work puts to much pressure and stress on kids. This has to stop because kids grades are dropping at an increase amount. (Kelly Wilkerson) “I missed three of five classes for one unit in my honors Algebra 2 class due to soccer. I was pretty far behind. I had to go in everyday before school, sometimes after school, before practice, just to get help because I was very lost.” People don't understand what they are signing up for when they play competitive school sports. These sports are so time consuming that people are missing school and struggling with their work because of it. This has to

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