Why Do Consumers Buy Organic Food

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From the data of the survey and information on the internet, it can be concluded that the most common reasons to buy organic food are health benefits, better for the environment, better for animal welfare, and better taste. People will also buy organic food or milk faster when people have more knowledge about the health, environmental benefits and the benefits of animal welfare. The price, the government, and the consumers’ attitude also influence whether consumers want to buy organic food. These reasons and influences why consumers buy organic food are important for producers to take into account because it decides whether producers want to produce organic food. Gentrification and clustering are important because there are specific groups of people that consume organic food, so it is very important to look at the lifestyle, income, and characteristics of this group of…show more content…
For example, advertisements can respond to certain emotions and attitudes that the buyers have to organic food. People with a positive attitude and more knowledge about organic food or milk are more likely to buy it because they think the product is reliable. Moreover, companies and organisations use social media as a marketing tool because the image of a company or organisation that consumers have is very important to the profits of this company or organisation. The hypothesis of this research project was that it is not possible that all milk consumers in the Netherlands switch from conventional milk to organic milk because probably not all consumers want to buy the more expensive version of milk. Furthermore, we thought that there is not enough space for the necessary grassland that is needed for organic milk. On the one hand, it is true because from the data of our survey and the data of Biblus.nl we can conclude that people do think that organic food and milk is too expensive in comparison with non-organic food and

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