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This section analyse the second case firm “BDM” of this thesis internationalisation process and BDM is regarded as one of the top new generation banks in Nigerian. The banks has evolved overtime to become one of the largest bank in Nigeria with a strong present in West African region and a subsidiary in the UK. This case firms has been choosen because of the following reasons However, (a) BDM is one of the largest banks in Nigeria (b) the bank have a present in several foreign countries (c) The bank is one of the pioneer of foreign expansion of the Nigerian firms (d) the bank is an example of how firm could grow from being a local bank to an international bank . This case firm “BMD” has been chosen for this study the following reasons…show more content…
The Nigerian banking history is categorised into phases: The phases 1-4 leading to 1992 are regarded as the static, stable, regulated and deregulated period (Soyibo & Adekanye, 1992). Phase 5: 1993-2003 is dubbed as the era of banking distress phase in Nigeria, a period which saw bank failures and liquidation that resulted in the withdrawal of operating licenses of many failed banks by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The rampant bankruptices, collapse and breakwon of the several was a source of concern for the regulators and the general public as several customers and investors lost their life savings to dubious bank…show more content…
The appalling situation in the banking sector leading to July 2004 forced the then CBN to enforce a minimum of N25billion capitalization policy on all Nigerian banks. The policy thrust was to provide a framework for the Nigerian financial service sector geared towards the economic development of Nigeria, through effective, efficient, and transparent implementation of financial policies and management of the financial sector. The policy was also to maintain a diversified, stronger and more reliable financial sector that would propel economic growth and industrial development of Nigeria. Through the policy was to ensure that the Financial Sector mobilize finances for the growth of the real sector of the nation’s economy as well as have a country with strong financial system to serve as the Financial Centre for African transactions and mobilize fund to support investment in Nigeria

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