Why Did Canada Power Change

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Imagine yourself as Francine, a little French girl living in Acadia. One day you are evicted from your home and forced to find a new one because the British had taken over your land. Well, this actually happened. After the Spanish Succession the Acadians were evicted from their homes. There were many power shifts before Canada became a country and some main events that caused conflict and power shifts include the Spanish Succession, the Seven Years’ War, The Constitutional Act, and the Act of Union. Not only were there power shifts, but there was also a change in government from monarchy to responsible government meaning, the people vote an assembly that represents them. From the 1700s to the 1850s there was lots of conflict which resulted to power shifts and a change in government that shaped Canada into the country it is today. In 1713 Acadia became a British colony in result of the Treaty of Utrecht which ended the war of the Spanish Succession. The French and the British negotiated a peace treaty called the Treaty of Utrecht. Each side agreed to give back some land they had taken over in the war of the Spanish…show more content…
One big change he made was merging Upper and Lower Canada. He did this so that Lower Canada can pick up the pace of development. This affected the citizens of Lower Canada in a good way because now their colony can grow. Lord Durham also recommended responsible government to Canadians. This means that the government will be less like a monarchy and more like a democracy. Elected politicians will control the government. Lord Durham was a very important figure in British North America as he started to introduce democracy in

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