Inequalities In Canada

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The inequality amongst Aboriginal people and the rest of Canadians has been a pressing issue for many years without resolution. They suffer inequalities when it comes to health care, employment and education. The indigenous people of Canada have suffered many hardships since the European settlers had first came to the country. The colonizers exploited and assimilated the aboriginals by the colonialism, treaties, the residential schools they put in place and the 60s scoop. This may explain why there were inequalities in the past. However, those days are gone now and we are still faced with reoccurring imbalances. We must understand why the inequalities still persist in order to ensure our Aboriginal Peoples can benefit from society as the…show more content…
This theory highlights the social, governmental, and material inequality amongst a group in society. The inequalities are based on the resources that a social group owns. The group in power would be the small wealthy portion of the population who owns and controls everything and are also known as the Bourgeoisie (Knuttila and Magnan, 2012, 147). The other group would be the poor group who has little control over what they can do for work if they can work and are usually exploited by the wealthiest and they are sometimes referred to as the proletariats. This theory also views power as the main source of conflict. Therefore, this perspective is most relatable way to look at the problem of Aboriginal inequalities. Another criteria of conflict theory is to look at the origins of the…show more content…
Most schools for aboriginals are not as well maintained as the rest of Canadian schools. The ones that attend the same schools as other Canadians often drop out due to family history of incomplete school, substance abuse problems and or feeling a disconnect from the other Canadian citizens. This is all due to the origins of the injustices done to the Aboriginals. Organizations such as IDLE NO MORE, a peaceful revolutionary group aimed at highlighting aboriginal sovereignty and protecting nature has tried to solve some of the inequalities. However, this for Karl Marx would not be the most effective way to solve the problem. For him, class conflict is normal and expected and the only way to solve inequalities is through radical social change and revolution. Since this did not occur during the origins of the conflict and still has not occurred, is why the inequalities persist (Knuttila and Magnan, 2012, 166). The origins of the inequalities commenced during colonization, treaties, residential schools and the 60s scoop. They persist now through the healthcare, employment and education. The only way to solve this problem would be through a social change, which would be of radical nature. It would consist of an Aboriginal revolution where they would over turn the Bourgeoisie and they become the most powerful in society. Without this type of social change, the Aboriginal inequalities will persist throughout

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