Little Yu Don T Cry Short Story

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Little Yu, Don't cry. Everyone has to die we can't denied death, it's now time for me and your mother to go. Our comrade is waiting for us." "Haha!Compared to our comrade who have gone first, to see you grow up it's a blessing for us, we are extremely a lucky parents Haha!" He then cough up some blood. "Father!" The battle to defend the city has come to an end. In front of a solemn ancestral door, there stood a young boy crying like a rain, written on his face was the pain,sorrow and tragedy that befall on his parents, on his face was also written the hatred and vengeance for the people who caused this to his parents. In front of the door there sit a two couple middle aged couple. Their bodies has been severely injured. The wife has…show more content…
In a cementary a boy was standing beside a tomb like statue he has been like this since when he himself bury his parents. as everyone saw this they too looked at him as if he was crazy this bring everyone to mock him and ridicule him. Then people come into conclusion that this kid who was once the number one genius Who the dean of the feather academy declared has become a trash. Zhang Yun who was driven to distraction had become crazier and dumb, turning him into a pitiful worm. the once so called friend by the Zhang Family as well some workers even maids took this moment to take stuff from the Zhang Family. this however didn't even have the slightest effect to Zhang Yun, until one of his playmate left him. "Brother Zhang, I've grown, you have fallen and have become a trash, our oath to be beside each other always let the wind scatter it,Don't blame me for being realistic, but.......I've entered the feather academy, I hope you-no we should never meet up ever again" it was his childhood friend, the young girl who always need his protection, the young girl who always stick beside him, and he young girl who always followed him and said those words to him without Remorse and quickly turend away and left

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