Why Big Data Is Important

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Nowadays, big data become more familiar because of its importance and the advantages to the technology world right now. The ability of big data makes data become almost identified as one of the key trends driving change in the 21st century. Data are variously described as the ‘data revolution’ the ‘era of big data’, or more simply known as ‘big data’. So, what is big data? Big data is a term that are describes the large volume of many types of data and both of the data is structured and unstructured. Big data are very familiar and important to the organizations because big data can be analyzed for insights that can help any organization lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. So, that means big data are important in any organization…show more content…
The characteristics of the big data is volume that is the quality of generated and stored data, while variety is the type and nature of the data, velocity is the speed at which the data is generated and processed to meets demand and challenges, and variability that is inconsistency of the data set and last one is veracity that is the quality of captured data. For example, big data can help some organization in cost and time reductions, new product development and optimized offering and last but not least it is importance in smart decision making. For more understanding, big data is also known as a high volume, high velocity and high variety of information assets that are require new forms of processing to enable enhanced in good decision making, insight discovery and process optimization in some…show more content…
However, when big data process are effectively developed and controlled it makes a huge potentials benefits to the business, government and society. Any organizations especially business firm are feverishly exploring ways of taking many advantage of the big data phenomenon. As we known, big data is measured in petabytes or Exabyte because of its large and complex digital datasets. Databases and analytics have been used in organization and firm last couple of decades. The transaction are stored in data warehouses and will be analyzed with data-mining algorithms to extract insights. But, now big data are different and become a new phenomenon that gives more good advantages for every organization. Today, big data have more and more different kinds of data. For example in the past, structured data has stored and the data was largely from transactions and was stored as rows and columns, but today unstructured data have stored from a variety of sources. The data could be the photos from a mobile phone, video from a surveillance camera, maps from a GPS device, audio from a call center, tweets, text messages and emails. All of the data can be digitized, stored and also analyzed. Every organization needs to improve their decision making, so there are many potentials of big data

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