Irish Pub Case Study

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1. Do you know that the Irish are famous for their drinking habits and produce one of the best Stouts and whiskies in the world? They refer their nearby pubs as “local” which they visit quite often. 2. Do you know that in the sixth and seventh centuries it was compulsory for a local Irish King to have his own brewery? The brewer was also referred to as Bruigu or Brughaid in the local language. 3. In earlier times, an Irish pub was required to be set up at a crossroad and have a door on each side. Torch-bearing greeters were also required for the proper welcome of the guests coming at the pub. 4. It is not the whisky which earlier pubs were required to keep ready for their guests in earlier times. They were required to keep red meat, ready to…show more content…
Have you noticed the smooth head of the Guinness beer? It has this appearance due to the nitrogen and carbon dioxide used during its preparation which makes it thick and smooth. 18. Many of the great writers have known to have written their stories keeping the Irish Pubs in mind. Some of them are James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Brendan Behan. 19. Do you know what is termed as the best part of the Irish Pub culture? It is probably the social culture of the Irish pubs which make them so popular. 20. The social culture of the Irish pub focusses on the atmosphere, the friendliness and the warmth of an Irish pub is something which has been adopted all over the world. 21. What does a pint in an Irish pub refers to? It refers to the black beer known as Guinness and a pint of stout is what is served when asked for a pint. 22. If you need to have half a pint of beer in an Irish pub, always ask for a glass of Guinness and you shall be served one. 23. Not everyone coming in an Irish Pub prefers a Guinness beer. Another beer which is quite popular is the Smithwicks which is usually the choice for the people who do not drink Guinness. 24. Do not rush to drink a pint of the Guinness beer when you are in an Irish Pub. A pint make take 3 minutes to settle down. So take your time and be patient when having

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