Why Athletes Need To Avoid

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Many people around the world participate in sports and physical activities and there are many reasons behind the participation, such as pleasure, relaxation, and competition. Of course, regular physical activity reduces many things, which include the risk of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. However, sport participation also carries many risks where players do not prepare their bodies before and after a game failing to realize that it can cause serious injuries. There is also a great concern with children play since their bones are not fully developed to expose them to any sort of physical activity. Maintaining a strong, athletic performance includes more than just training and practice. Athletes need to ensure that they are taking the proper precautions to avoid injury since injuries can ruin careers, so it is very important for the athlete to know when it is time to heal or give up the game. Athletes must follow all the rules to avoid endangering themselves.…show more content…
The question is if this is the right thing? Youth sports have both positive and negative impacts. According to many doctors kids have come in with serious injuries than ever before. This is mainly due to kids starting sports at a very young age while their bones are still developing. Kids should enjoy movement and play not learning sports skills. Children’s bones are constantly growing and many injuries in children come from not warming up or stretching properly. Their bones are weaker than their ligaments, which put children at an increased risk of fracture throughout the bone growth. Children’s bodies grow at a rapid rate and to grow properly, they need enough rest for repetitive motion. Youth sports should emphasize fun rather than vigorous physical activity. Reducing sport attrition is necessary for sustaining sports participation in
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