Moses Saved From The Water Research Paper

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Showers1 Morgan Showers Mrs. Hunter Bible 5th 29 September 2015 Moses "Saved from the Water" Moses was an Israelite raised as an Egyptian prince in the land of Egypt. He was a Prince of Egypt and all the Israelites were owned by Pharaoh, who was the king at the time of Moses's living period. although Moses was not born into the Royal Egyptian family. The princess had found him floating in the Nile river in a basket as a baby. Moses had an interesting childhood, he was a courageous man, and he trusted in Jesus. Moses had a very interesting childhood because he was chosen by the Lord to do amazing things in his name. For example, at the time of Moses's birth in Egypt King Pharaoh made a law saying that all babies who were boys were to be…show more content…
He came across a well, he sat at the well and saw that seven girls with their sheep came to the well. Then Shepherds came to the well and saw the girls, they came at the girls in a harsh way. So, Moses stood up for the seven girls and got the Shepherds to leave them alone. The girls went home and told their father what had happened, when the father heard he invited Moses over and thanks him for his deed. Also their father offered one of his daughters as a wife to Moses, her name was Zepphora. He named their first born Gershom. Moses trusted in the Lord with his everything and the Lord used him because of it. One day Moses was wandering he came across a burning bush but the bush wasn't burning but there was fire on it. The voice of the Lord spoke to him through the bush. He told Moses to go to Pharaoh and take back the Israelites. After The 7 plagues Moses got the Israelites out of Egypt because he trusted in Jesus to help him through

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