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If you've invested thousands of dollars in your child's braces, you want to protect them anyway possible. But if they're an athlete that doesn't wear a mouth guard, they are putting their braces and their health at great risk with every game. Understanding athletic mouth guards can help you and your child better protect their braces. Mouth Guards Are Necessary for Protecting Your Child's Braces If your child with braces is involved in any type of sport, a mouth guard can help protect them from serious mouth injuries. Just imagine a basketball player with braces running into an opponent while jumping for a rebound: the potential for serious cuts and even broken braces skyrockets without a mouth guard. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics has reported that up to 84% of all child athletes don't wear mouth guards. That's because many contact sports (such as baseball or volleyball) don't require them. But rough physical play is possible even in these sports (such as sliding into home in baseball or getting hit in the face with a volleyball).…show more content…
However, the best protection lies in custom-fitted guards, which generally cost anywhere from $190 to $500. Unfortunately, mouth guards are often not covered by insurance. However, if you compare that to the thousands of dollars that braces installation costs even with dental insurance, $500 suddenly seems like a small investment. Choosing the Right Guard is

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