Does Budget Deficit In Reducing College Athletes Avoid?

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Famed television personality, David Hartman, once said, “Deficits. Most people of knowledge say it’s the biggest single problem facing the economic free world.” See, when the amount of funds allocated to any institution by the government is changed due to a budget deficit, this means that the institution must reconstruct their budget. Restructuring any budget can be difficult, but reconfiguring a public university’s budget, in particular, would be extremely difficult because of all the stakeholders that would be directly affected by a new budget. The budget committee for the university would have to decide what classes, faculty positions, programs, and projects to cut and how much to cut based on the needs and wants of the student body and faculty.…show more content…
Depending on the size and priorities set by a university, college athletic programs can receive millions of dollars in funding each year, and although popular sports like football generate high levels of revenue for universities, there are many low-revenue generating sports that get to stick around because of the revenue generated by bigger sports. Many people may not be able to comprehend the justification behind the removal of certain varsity sports, but it must be understood that universities are businesses that (should) prioritize student education over everything else, students who play club sports find them to be really enjoyable, competitive enough (teams travel all across the country), and a lot less time consuming than varsity sports, and European universities have successfully separated athletics and

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