Pancake Court Letter

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A Swift avril for pancake court ‘beep’ beep’ a big truck was backing into 45 pancake court my old friends Jane’s house she moved New York. Me and my sister Payton went over to say hi and welcome. When we say hi we saw Taylor swift she said hi. Me and Payton almost faded we loved her. We really wanted to become her Best Friend. We asked Taylor if we can give her a tour. She said that at 2:30pm she was free we said Ok. We knew that superstar would never be friends with us. We needed to come up with a plan. Taylor had a secret she was free now she wanted to come up with a plan to become our friend. It took a hour to come of with a great plan.The next day me and Payton dress up as pop stars. I throw on high heels. Payton stretched out a

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