Drinking Water After Exercise Essay

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Drinking Water After Exercise Almost everyone knows the importance of drinking water after exercise. Physical exertion makes you sweat and lose water. Although sweating cools the body, you need to replace body fluids lost by drinking water after exercise so that your body's water balance is restored and the body does not overheat. Add one picture here. Part 1: Why Should You Drink Water after Exercise? 1. Regulates Body Temperature Drinking water after exercise plays an important role in keeping the body temperature normal. Water helps keep the body functioning well by lowering the body temperature to ensure it does not overheat. 2. Prevents Muscle Cramps Drinking water after exercise helps prevent muscle cramps. Your muscles consist of up to 75 percent water, so after exercise, they may be…show more content…
Although it’s possible to consume too much water, it would be difficult to do so. However, drinking too much of plain water can cause hyponatremia, a condition usually experienced by endurance athletes. What happens is that your blood becomes diluted from drinking too much water so your blood sodium level drops dangerously low. This is rare among healthy people but it sometimes happens to athletes like marathon runners, who consume gallons of water during and after exercising. Hyponatremia causes confusion, weakness, agitation, and seizures. In extreme cases, death can occur. Early symptoms of hyponatremia may include nausea, disorientation, and muscle cramps. These symptoms may also mimic symptoms of dehydration, making athletes drink even more water, thus worsening their condition. This is a medical emergency, and these athletes should receive emergency care immediately. To prevent hyponatremia, always replace lost body fluids with electrolyte-containing beverages such as sports drinks. 4.

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