The Importance Of Sleep On A Sportsman

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TASK 1 Sleep: Having the right amount of sleep plays a vital role for a sportsman. Having a good sleep can bring out a positive effect on speed and reaction time. Studies have also found out that increasing the amount of sleep brings out great benefits to athletes. Sleep can also be further explained as a recovery time for sportsmen as the more physical activities he/she takes part in, the more amount of stress the body absorbs and therefore the body needs a certain period of time to rebuild the energy and this can be done through sleep. And since I am a swimmer, I have noticed that the longer I have my training the more tired I am and because of this I tend to sleep longer than usual and I have also noticed that the longer the period of time…show more content…
Stress does not always bring out a negative effect on a sportsman. It can sometimes help you as it keeps you more alert and you would be more motivated to perform better and it may also bring out a higher level of competitiveness (EUSTRESS). Having the right amount of stress will help you be more prepared and much more focused to perform at your very best level. However being under too much stress may affect your health which would eventually bring your performance level down (DISTRESS). Research has been found out that a certain amount of stress may be a benefit to athletes as it may give him/her an extra boost of energy. And research has also found out that athletes are better at handling stress than non-athletes as they are naturally trained to control their pressure level. Distress can happen due to too much competiveness and over-training. This is true because I have seen that whenever I become too competitive and over confident before a swimming meet, my performance level reduces. This can be further scientifically explained because stress may eventually affect our metabolism and change our immune system as it changes our hormonal balance. Therefore I think that it is vital for an athlete to control their level of stress in order to gain better…show more content…
The amount of food a person takes in will affect your capability to perform as the body coverts the food to energy which is then absorbed into the muscles which would eventually increase the stamina of an athlete. It is has been found out by the Colorado State University that athletes benefit the most by their intake of carbohydrates. It is crucially important for an athlete to eat a balanced meal. Carbohydrates (glucose) are the main fuels which are absorbed by the body in the form of glycogen during physical activities. And as the body gets tired, it’s important that the glycogen is restored. Failure to do so would lead to muscle fatigue. Proteins help to repair and rebuild the muscle during and after physical activities. Fat is used up in longer use of physical activities. However the intake of food items such as biscuits and chips should be avoided. And since the body loses water through sweat, it’s important to drink an adequate amount of water in order to stay hydrated. Calcium and iron is also important in order for stronger and healthier bones. And since I am a swimmer, I usually eat a banana before and after a swim as eating a banana before gives extra energy and avoids cramps and eating a banana after a swim helps me to restore my lost energy and to prevent soreness in my muscles. And therefore this is why it is important for the body to intake the right type and amount of food because your capability mostly

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