Whole Foods Strengths

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Strengths: One of Whole Foods strength lies in their ability to establish and maintain high standards in terms of the products it delivers (organic, sustainable, artificial additive free).The world cares more than ever about the planet's health, human conditions, health, and wellness. As the organics industry is becoming increasingly popular, Whole Foods’ great commitment regarding environmental issues, sustainability and a healthy lifestyle gives them a significant advantage over other grocery chains. The fact that the brand name is well-recognized and the company has a wide and established customer base also counts in its favor.. Weaknesses: One of the company’s major weaknesses lies in the high prices, as the chain sells organic food at a premium price targeting middle and upper-income consumers which significantly limits its market reach.This positioning has historically served it well, with the company’s margins consistently outpacing the industry average. But the luxury orientation can also be something of a detriment, as it renders the grocer vulnerable to budget chains that have more defensive businesses and offer a better price/value proposition.…show more content…
A third weakness is Whole Foods’ dependence mainly on the United States’ market apart from a few locations in the UK and Canada. This factor leaves the company vulnerable to economic changes in the U.S. and also limits the number of consumers that it can

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