John Updike's A & P

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The story of “A & P” by John Updike, is a very interesting story about a young boy becoming of age as an adult. The boy named sammy works at a convenience store called “A & P” that his parents own. Sammy isn’t very fond of his job or his manager so he ends up quitting. The beginning of the story sammy talks about how he works at a convenience store and these three girls that come in. At the same time he is ringing out a customer who happens to be a cash-register-watcher who gets angry that he rings up a box of HiHo crackers twice. He finally got her to calm down and get her on her way.After sammy gets the cash-register-watcher on her way, he starts describing these three girls and how the customer reacts to them, he seems almost as he is fantasizing about them. Sammy, being a cashier really doesn’t have much to do when he doesn’t have many customers so he stares at these three girls, and talks about how they do different things and how two of the girls follow one around the whole store.…show more content…
While Sammy was watching the three girls, his friend Stokesies is checking out customers. Sammy talks about how Stokesie dreams he will be manager one day but, you can tell that Sammy doesn't think he will. The girls eventually come to the counter and seem indecisive on who they want to go to until Stockesie register has a bum wanting to buy pineapple juice. Sammy finished getting the girls checked out as his manager comes out to confront the girls. The manager confronts them on how they should come properly dressed and that not to come back unless they were. When Sammy saw this he became upset and unhappy with his manager as if he had feelings for the

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