9/11 Research Paper

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September 11, 2001 marked one of the most important and tragic day in history. The deaths of over 3,000 people were caused by 19 Islamic extremists who were associated with al-Qaeda. Four planes were hijacked, two of which were flown into the world trade center causing hundreds of fatalities including the lives of the police and firefighters called to help. The third plane was flown into the Pentagon, which is the US Department of Defense just outside of Washington, DC. The fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. (History Channel: 9/11). This tragic event also known as “9/11” had a major effect on everyone, the tragic events on that day lead to conspiracy theories, a tighter security on america, a “War on Terror”, and discrimination…show more content…
Many Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Questions like “Does jet fuel melt steel beams?”, “How do the passports of these ‘terrorists’ survive the plane crash?” and many other questions were starting to get asked. Many people think that the entire attack was staged because Air Defense was told to stand down. Also right before the attacks “an ‘extraordinary’ amount of put options were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks, the same airlines that were hijacked during the attacks” (News One), which led to people thinking that insider traders knew about the attacks before they happened. Many people think that 9/11 was an excuse for the U.S. to invade the Middle Eastern countries for oil. Other conspiracy theorists believe that 9/11 was fabricated to put an end to growth of Islam. Many theories were brought to questions and many people question our government. People said that a plane crash into the Twin Towers could not make the Towers collapsed unless there were bombs inside the Tower itself that happen to go off when the planes hit. Also, the fact that the towers were removed before any forensic investigations also raised some awareness. It was rumored that a month before 9/11, Bush got a memo saying that Bin Laden was going to attack NYC. (News
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