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1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Whole Foods? A strength that Whole Foods has is that improvements methods discovered in one store is passed onto the rest of the organization in other to become more efficient and maximize effectiveness. Whole Food greatest strength is the work environment they promote, employees are considered team members and managers team leader, this results in the employees working as a team and believing in what the organization stands for. A third strength that the organizations has is that it is an industry leader and a well-established brand. Whole Foods also has a few weaknesses, the first is that they relay in words of mouth advertising. The organic market is one that is becoming more competitive now…show more content…
Another opportunity that Whole Foods has is that they can continue to focus on the pre-made meals, as American become busier and have less time available to them a healthy pre-made meal seems profitable. Whole Foods has opportunities, but face many more threats. The first is that retail giants like Wal-Mart, Costco, Target and others have entered the organic market. Another threat that they are facing is within, their growth strategy is that they want to achieve it by simply opening more stores. The capital and time requirement to open one store takes up significant when that capital can be invested to improve current store locations on focus more on the pre-made…show more content…
What niche is Whole Foods trying to establish? Whole Foods niche is selling the consumer a unique experience. They also have in-store chefs to help with recipes, wine tastings, and food sampling. (Pearce II, Robinson 29-4) Whole Foods also capitalizes on the green movement. Whole Foods target audience that would pay a higher price for a high-quality natural food. 7. How can Whole Foods compete with the large national food chains (Publix, Safeway, Wal-Mart, etc.)? Whole Foods can compete with the large national food chains by adapting their current growth expansion and instead of opening more stores to gain a profit, they should exploit every potential that their current stores have. One they achieve this then they can place strategically the location of their distribution centers to be able to service the most stores possible out of one location. A second change that they need to make is change the pricing concept, since Walmart and other larger national retailer have more stores and revenues and can create a price wars that will unbalance the market. Finally they must continue their treatment of employees keeping them committed to the company. 8. How would you evaluate Whole Foods’ growth

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