Organic Food Vs Natural Food

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Comparison between organic food and natural food Natural food also can be called as Natural product that produces with natural ingredients. All things considered, the naming of something as either "natural " or "non-natural" should imply that the item "does not contain included shading, counterfeit flavors or manufactured substances," however in all actuality, it's anything but difficult to discover the these words on nourishments and beverages that are stacked with fake hues, flavors, additives, and whatever other number of synthetically inferred added substances. Truth be told, the USDA recognizes that as food handling and assembling systems have changed after some time, what has been termed "natural" has turned out to be progressively sketchy,…show more content…
Most people are more concerned about their health than before. Organic is one of the fastest growing agriculture markets due to consumer increased care about their own health and the environment. Furthermore, to explore the potential market for consumers, it is important to identify how consumers want their food quality and system to be. Moreover, most of the people also wanted to prevent from ingesting regular amount of pesticides and insecticides, because through some research report said that excessive use of chemicals in food can be linked to increase health problem. Around the world, there are so many people sick because of the food that they consumed. So, the food quality is turning into one of the most important part in their eating habit. Not only the quantity of the food but also the quality. Because of that, the organic food or product came out and it gives people a better impression, that all the food products are handled with care and hygienically. Organic farmers do not rely on chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to grow the food. Moreover, the organic farmers also ensure that each step of the process will maintain the quality of the product. From that, people get to know that organic food is better than non-organic food and they will start to purchase organic products. Meanwhile, this research could help people to know more about the organic…show more content…
The theory of Planned Behaviour also predicts deliberate behaviour, because behaviour can be deliberate and planned. For examples likes, the willingness of people that purchase organic food, theory of reasoned action and also using intention to predict behaviour. According to this theory, when people have time to plan how they are going to behave. The one’s intention is the best predictor of the behaviour. Attitudes can be defined as evaluation of ideas, events, objects, or people. Attitudes are generally positive or

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