Who Is The Protagonist In The Great Gatsby

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Several common Modernist themes appear throughout Ernest Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams and Babylon Revisited. Themes such as the pursuit of money, the pursuit of more excitement in life, and drugs and alcohol lead to dismal themes about war and loss. All three short stories touch on the surplus of money in the 1920s and the strong desire to get it. Only two discuss the drugs and alcohol purchased with the money. In Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, the protagonist, Dexter, left his small Minnesota town for a local, but larger, city to make it big in business. His decisions ultimately place him in thriving New York City. Charlie, the protagonist of Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited, originally left America with his now deceased wife, Helen, to have fun in Paris with their money. Alcohol is his ultimate demise as he, in turn, loses his wife to heart complications and loses his child due to his own irresponsibility. Hemingway’s protagonist, Harry, in The Snows of Kilimanjaro, takes the easy road and marries…show more content…
In Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, Dexter is so focused on Judy’s beauty and social class that he forgoes his engagement to Irene on a whim simply because Judy, once again, paid attention to him. Judy, however, leaves Dexter like she had several times before. In the end, Judy marries an unfaithful husband and has lost the beauty of her youth. Meanwhile, Dexter has lost his ability to love and he is left with“the grey beauty of steel that withstands all time” (Loeffelholz, “Winter Dreams”). In Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited, Charlie faces several losses due money’s corruption and outrageous parties. He loses Helen to heart complications and, in turn, loses the trust of Helen’s sister, Marion, after his mistreatment of Helen. His mistreatment of Helen and his overall lack of responsibility causes him to lose his daughter, Honoria, to the custody of
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