The Great Gatsby Film Analysis

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The Great Gatsby is a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story follows Nick, the protagonist, as he moves to New York City and starts his new life there. Throughout the book, the reader meets an abundance of horrible characters like Daisy, a self-absorbed and careless beauty, Tom, a brutal and unmoral man, and Gatsby, an ignorant and mysterious fool who wasted his life chasing a hopeless dream. Baz Luhrmann and Woody Allen are just two people who have recreated The Great Gatsby or dedicated a homage to it. Their works have proven effective representations of the film. A director named Baz Luhrmann turned The Great Gatsby into a film. By casting the right actors to portray the characters, Luhrmann effectively recreated the book on screen.…show more content…
In 2011, child molester film director, Woody Allen created a homage to The Great Gatsby. He made a movie called Midnight in Paris. The storyline follows a man named Gil, an aspiring writer and filmmaker, as he visits Paris with his fiancée and finds inspiration in the strangest way. The characters in Midnight in Paris parallel the characters in Fitzgerald’s novel. Gil would be a parallel of Nick. Both are protagonists, writers and seem meek and submissive towards the people in their lives that try to walk all over them. Adrianna could be a parallel of Daisy. They are both beautiful and seem to be able to put a spell over the men they desire. Although, when the audience digs a little deeper, they reveal the women’s true colors and realize everything Adrianna and Daisy do is for personal gain. They have no regard for how it affects others. Midnight in Paris is golden, literally. The whole movie has a yellow tint to it. Gold brings the feeling of class and elegance. Surrounded by bleak, cold tones while in his era, Gil experiences a change when he rides away in the antique, yellow cab. The scene shifts and becomes warm toned. The themes in the sexual predator’s Allen’s movie are almost the exact same as the ones in Fitzgerald’s book. Money was almost everything to Gatsby, as that was his solution to winning the girl of his dreams. In a different way, wealth was also a prevailing theme for Gil. His

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