Who Is The Protagonist In The Great Gatsby

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In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the narrator tells a climatic story of the life of main character Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a young man who has a fortune and lives in the West Egg of New York. On the outside it may seem like Gatsby has it all but he does not have everything he wants. He came from a poor family but his motivation to become rich is because of his dream girl, Mrs. Daisy Buchanan. Early in the story, Gatsby is obviously established as a hopeless romantic, mysterious, and a dreamer but throughout each chapter readers find out more and more about this secretive Jay Gatsby! One characteristic shown from Gatsby is that he is a hopeless romantic. Gatsby met Daisy five years ago at a party right before he went into the war. When he came back for her he found her married to a millionaire and he knew he had to become something of himself for her to come back to him. Knowing he could not just go knock on her door, Gatsby tried to put himself out there to be noticed. The narrator says, “I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties some night” (Fitzgerald 79). Meaning, Gatsby threw his big parties every weekend hoping Daisy might come and see that it was him and his big house. Jay Gatsby…show more content…
Few of his partygoers have met their host, but normally Gatsby stands alone and away from his own celebration. He does not drink, he does not dance or sing like the rest of his guests, he remains as just an observer. All through the story Gatsby got puzzling phone calls from different places. The first time the narrator met Mr. Gatsby he says, “Almost at that moment when Mr. Gatsby identified himself, a butler hurried toward him with information that Chicago was calling him on the wire. He excused himself with a small bow that included each of us in turn” (Fitzgerald 48). With mysterious phone calls and interruptions, it seems as if no one knows the real Jay
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