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The Salem trials were unfair to the accused witches. In Rosalyn Schanzerś Witches! The absolutely True Tale of Disaster In Salem. In 1692 the Puritans set sail across the Atlantic Ocean to break away from the British to let their own religion flourish in The Americas. They are there for quite some time and got to the winter of their third or so year. But there were two girls(Betty and Abigail) who mysteriously get sick and thanks to their religion they think it is witches sent by the devil. To make them sign the Devil's book with their blood. This is only the start of the unfair trials where the judges thought that the witches were guilty before they walked in, The evidence used and the belief in the evidence of what they thought was right,…show more content…
So in the text it says ¨Only one suspect was brought into the room at a time, but even before the defendants spoke a single word, it was obvious that the magistrates thought all three were guilty.¨(Schanzer´s 32)This is horrible to think of because how would you feel if you were falsely accused of murder and the judges already thought you were guilty of it before you walked in the room. That is just hard to think of that the judges would have that kind of idea. These magistrates back then tho they would accuse someone of murder without evidence at all why didnt they scrutinized all of the evidence.It talks about one of the examinations of the…show more content…
Like that they would believe these little children for help against this big of a matter and the fact that they would let them act like this just to get there way.And that these afflicted girls would have this much Fervently to get all these people on trial. I know that they didn't know any better but the afflicted parents still could have gone back to England to find help.I also get why they didn't because they are really trustworthy with their religion and I know they only believe their religion but the parents still could have done something.On page 22 it says” Then an elderly physician named William Griggs who had lived in Salem Village for perhaps two years, examined Betty and Abigail and declared that they were most certainly ¨under an Evil Hand.¨ This was the worst of all possible news because that it meant that the two girls were BEWITCHED! .“(Schanzer´s 22) This is why I started to hate the trials because Mr.Parris would believe what this one doctor said that his two daughters that have never acted like this.Have all of a sudden acted like this and Mr. Parris believes him. Mr. Parris thought is that some with is trying to malicious his daughter to make her almost

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