Summary: The Ideal Imagery Of Women In Hip Hop Music

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The ideal imagery of women in the hip hop music today seems to consist of minimal to no clothing and explicit dancing for the attention of the male. This can be easily spotted throughout Nelly’s controversial music video “Tip Drill”. In the video, women are seen shaking their butts and doing other provocative gestures. The term “tip drill” means to have sexual intercourse with a girl while multiple guys take turns with her. But still these women were aware of the song and knew what they were signing up to do. However, now in more mainstream music, female artists are hypersexualizing their own music and image in the media. Videos such as “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, or even “Feeling Myself” by Beyonce are some examples. Most sources may excuse the songs to be self love songs and in some cases to even be considered feminist anthems, but simply watching the music videos, I couldn’t help but notice the women almost naked or naked. So I must question, how this music can be considered self love while the imagery is perpetuating provocative activity. So although, women will knowingly participate in music videos such as Tip Drill, that depict women in a negative way, I feel women will embrace objectifying themselves for profit, and the attention of others.…show more content…
From social media, to television, billboards and other advertisements. Women hold certain beauty standards and perhaps gender roles. For most women, these images are elusive, nearly impossible to achieve even for the models who are present in the ads. Research has shown that female objectification in the media can lead to anxiety, excessive body shaming, eating disorders, and the list continues (Fredrickson & Noll, 1997). Ideal images and music videos such as Tip Drill or Anaconda, teach young females that their worth relies on their appearance and

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