When Love Come With Her Analysis

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Sydney Hufford Comp II / 10 MWF September 24, 2015 When Love Hurts, and the Consequences That Come With It She disappeared between the reeds and the willows that grew thick along the banks of the deep sluggish bayou, never to come back the same girl. The last thing that went through Desiree’s head as she walked away from her home, her love and her life, was that she must find out what went wrong, and when she found out how she would make sure Armand would pay for not claiming their child Ambrose. Desiree and Ambrose hadn’t been in the bayou for a day when they were found by one of Desiree’s old servants Zandrine. Zandrine had been looking for Desiree and Ambrose for almost a day when she saw them “Desiree, is that you!?” “Zandrine, what are…show more content…
After a while he walked outside and I took the chance to read what the letter said and…” “AND WHAT!?” “The letter talked about how his mother is tainted and that she hopes he never finds out.” “He cast me away and told me that I was dirty when he knew all along that he was the tainted one. He is going to pay!” All Desiree could think of was why had Armand sent her away when he was the one with tainted blood, and through much thought, Desiree knew she had to make him pay, and she would bring it so that his worst fears would be answered. When Desiree, Ambrose and Zandrine made it to Madame Valmondé home, they had thought of a plan to achieve success.…show more content…
Zandrine and Desiree then told her mother the plan that her they had thought up while Madame Valmondé sat listening. 19 YEARS LATER Ambrose was sitting with his mother while they both mourned the loss of Madame Valmondé. While they were sitting in the pews of the church, all they could think was that she wasn’t able to see the plan she had worked so hard to set in motion finish, the plan to destroy everything Armand had worked hard to build and to keep his name clean. When Ambrose was old enough to remember he knew the things that his dad had done to him and his mother, though he had only learned of the plan three years earlier. Although Ambrose was darker than that of most of his peers, he was like his father in the fact that people just thought he was darker because he was out helping his mother and grandmother in the gardens. Ambrose was told that he was the key to taking down Armand and he planned on doing exactly that. Armand was a middle-aged man who had no heir to his land and he needed to find one, so he sent out letters to all of the men who he believed would be suitable for the task.

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