The Fault In Our Stars Character Analysis

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This novel foreshadows Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters cancer journey through love and courage. The time they take to live every minute, brings risks but do not come in the Hazel Grace from making brave decisions or having a strong personality. Throughout the novel, John Green gives an idea of how Hazel Grace discovers many essential lessons about passion and life. “The Fault in our Stars” novel has details that interests the reader by its descriptive feelings of some characters. The novel contains specific and determined sentences that is Hazel saysl. Her explanation always refers to what she is talking about and gives enough information. Usually she goes deep in thought and makes connections between her ideas and others…show more content…
Dispositions such as Hazel, Augustus, Peter Van Houten and Mrs. Lancaster, all develop and alter as the novel introduces the conflict. The movie; also, alters, but it does not show characterization development like Hazel’s point of view, which is difficult to understand. “It occured to me that the reason my parents had no money was me. I’d sapped the family savings with Phalanxifor copays.” (Green, 79). Hazel realizes she is developing a dispute in her family due to money problems. The characters appearances in the movie and the book differ by its clothing, features and sometimes size. THe novel has more interesting impressions of characters that grabs attention in a better way than the movie does. This is probably because the director of The fault In Our Stars is attempting to find the perfect person to play a certain role but is unable but; then, finds a similar actor or actress. “This kid named Isaac, a long-faced, skinny guy with straight blond hair swept over eye.” (Green, 6). Each character also have different personalities. They love and they hate things that constructs their personality and builds up opinions about themselves. For an example Hazel says she turns down Support Group which means she refuses to attend it, but she has no choice because she is being forced to. The movie does not portray how Hazel dislikes Support Group as much as she does…show more content…
The author of the book, John Green and the director of the film, Josh Boone create their own version of the story with some differences and similarities. They each deliver their own messages. Green’s most special message is “That’s the thing about pain, It demands to be felt.” (Green, 63). John is referring to the scene where Isaac is smashing trophies to clear his rage and pain. The director of the film in The Fault in Our Stars does not have a meaningful message to display for his audience. The novel is revealing the story in past tense in which shows that the actions are done in the past. The novel is creating a story that is done in the past but the movie does not expose any type of tense, which is difficult to know if the story is in the past or present. The film has a bit of a past tense and and a bit present tense but is still unknown because of this mix. “I woke up the next morning panicked because I dreamed of being alone and boatless in a huge lake.” (Green, 301). Since the novel is shown in first person’s point of view, it is easy to understand. The perspective is from Hazel Grace. The main character of the entire story which allows the reader to read Hazel thoughts and what she is going through. The author of the book is sending his opinions of the book through Hazel’s point of view to expose what it is like to have cancer while the film is shown in third person point of view. “I

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