Personal Narrative: Buying A Home

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Well here I am again at work it is lunch time and I need to just write to get things of my mind. They are not bad things, these things are amazing things. Daniel and I are looking at houses and we almost got one but I think the fates told us that it was not the right one. We missed out but I am grateful for the learning experience. With everything that is going on with my dad I think this experience made it easier for us both to decide on how we are going to move forward with the buying a house. Now I am sure no one will read this as this is just for me but so context because I cannot remember if I have mentioned it before. My dad is sick, real sick. For years he had crohn's disease and in the last year got a gastro bypass I think is what it is called and now has a stoma. Seems simple when you say it like that but and oh my there is a huge but, I’m talking bigger than my own BUTT.…show more content…
So they went into cut it out and in the process but his urethra. This should have been fixed but was not and the whole ordeal has been and absolute mind fuck. Dad now has a super pubic catheter as they could not fix the urethra because of too much damage and was left way to long. He over the weekend is now having kidney problems. That being the weekend we were going to find out if we were getting the house or not we were relieved to note that we didn’t and it really made us sit down and think about what we are going to

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