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Augustus Waters are a 17 year old guy who had a touch of Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is a cancerous (malignant) bone tumor that usually develops in teenagers. It occurs when a teen is growing rapidly; because of this Augustus lost his right leg. Augustus was in love with Hazel Grace Lancaster, a girl he met at a cancer meeting. At the end of the story Augustus’s cancer comes back and he ends up dying. Hazel Grace Lancaster was the girl Augustus was madly in love with. She’s a 16 year old girl with Thyroids, with mets in her lungs. She and Augustus did everything together. Hazel’s dream was to meet her favorite author Peter Van Hussein; he’s also the author of her favorite book, an Apparel Affliction. Because of the fact Augustus loved Hazel…show more content…
It was very direct and obvious he carried this trait. Augustus always showed it in everything he did, and or said during the story. An example of this is when Gus takes Hazel to a romantic, candle light dinner, and a night out on the town while they were visiting Amsterdam. Also he always brought flowers to Hazel, he always knew the right thing to say, and do. Augustus was also a very caring person; he always put other people’s concerns and needs before his own. This trait was actually an indirect trait, because of the fact at the beginning of the movie he doesn’t show it right away. An example of this is that the movie doesn’t just come out and say “Augustus Waters are a caring, and thoughtful person.” You actually have to see it for yourself throughout the story. Another character trait Augustus portrayed was determination. This is obviously shown through the whole story, in almost everything he does. He does it all because he’s determined to do it. This character trait is a direct characterization of this character. There are multiple examples you could possibly use for this one. The main one is how he was so determined to beat his cancer for good and keep it away. Even though the cancer had already taken his right leg, he didn’t let it slow him down from doing what he wanted to do, because he was determined. Augustus stayed determined all the way up to his…show more content…
Neither his character nor his character traits changed at all. An example of this would be how at the beginning of the story when Hazel and Augustus first meet he acts the same at the end up until the point he dies. His traits are the same through the whole story. It’s helpful to know what kind of characters are in a story because, it better helps you as the reader to understand what happens and why it happens. Also it better helps you grasp what the whole story is even about just by analyzing the characters. An example of this would be how Hazel gave Augustus self confidence. This clearly shows us how much he loves her, because he only changed for her. Which clearly shows this story is about love. Augustus’s three character traits are he’s charming, caring, and determined. He’s charming because, he always knows what to say and when to say it, what to do and when to do it. He’s caring in every way possible you could imagine. Last but not least, Augustus was determined. He was so determined to beat his cancer and keep it away, and even when it came back, he stayed determined until the very end. The reason this analysis is correct is because, there’s a movie about it. Also there’s a book on it as well. Therefore there’s solid background information on this character for anyone who pleases to look him up. That’s basically all there is to know about the life of Augustus Waters; The

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