Like Water For Chocolate Character Analysis Essay

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Mary Guiton Family Analysis-“Like water for Chocolate” March 24, 2015 Human Behavior & The social Environment (Part II) Spring 2015 Dr. Loudd Family Analysis “Like water for Chocolate” Introduction/background information This movie was about a family that was of the Hispanic heritage. The story is told from the eyes of Tita. They had a tradition that the last daughter was to not get married or be involved with anyone because she would clean and cook for the family, but mostly because she is responsible for taking care of the mother until she precedes to death. When everyone left the nest she is responsible for taking care of the mother until she dies. The youngest daughter fell in love with someone and in order to be with him, he married her sister so they could be close (Arau, 1992). An issue that was presented was that Tita didn’t have time to take care of herself. She didn’t have time to make her own family and she didn’t have a social life at all. She could not become her own woman. With Tita having to take care of her mother until she proceed in death she could not marry any one. She had found love but she couldn’t…show more content…
The daughter of Pedro was alive and I don’t think she would make her children follow the tradition that her mother had to follow. She saw how her dad and aunt felt about each other. She probably wouldn’t want her children to have to go through the trouble her dad and aunt had to go through because of the love they had for each other and family. She also had to wait until her mom died before she could get married, so I don’t think she thought that tradition was very fair. She may have respected the tradition but I don’t think she would feel it would be a big deal to have her youngest take care of her until she dies. She may feel that it will stop them from being with the person they love and having a family of their own she know wouldn’t want

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