Demi Lovato's Legacy

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Make your Mark Everyone wants to be remembered for something they did in their lives. This is especially true of famous individuals. Famous people are an inspiration to the world. They leave a legacy for society to remember them by. For example, in the epic Beowulf, Beowulf leaves behind his legacy of fighting for his country as a great warrior. In modern day, Demi Lovato is giving the world her legacy of fighting for a good and positive society. Demi Lovato is leaving a legacy on society and me by being a good role model through charity work, recovering from difficult times, and by inspiring me to stay strong when my anxiety gets the best of me. The legacy that she is leaving upon us is her ability to be a good role model and her desire…show more content…
Demi “serves as an official Ambassador for the youth empowerment event We Day and the organization Free the Children, which works domestically and internationally to empower young people to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens” (“Bio” She has shown that to become a better person, we must help others and get involved in volunteer services. This will help our society set good examples for the future people of our world. It will also promote self-worth and self-discovery in the population. Demi admits that getting better is a constant struggle, but asking for help is the first and most important step, and no one should be afraid to do it (Sager). Her convalescence demonstrates that receiving help shows that we want to change our flaws to continue on with our lives. A good society is willing to receive opinions and criticism to improve. Demi’s single “Heart Attack” has “achieved Gold status in the U.S. and Canada within just four weeks of its release” (“Bio” Her accomplishments have shown the world that accomplishing goals improves the well-being of our society. It displays the fact that good role models in society have a purpose, do what they are best at, and do what they love to do. By taking the initiative to achieve, we will become a successful society one

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