Illegal Immigrant

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Starting, we should explain the terms “illegal immigrant”, “irregular migrant” and “refugee” because many people confuse them and create phenomena of racism and xenophobia. An illegal immigrant is the person who enters into a country without documents or loses their legal residence. Legally speaking, the term "illegal immigrant" is incorrect, as the lack of documents does not itself constitute an offense in most countries. The term illegal immigrant ignores the basic rights and dignity of migrants, violates their right to fair treatment under the law, is abusive and creates discrimination. Thus the term “illegal immigrant” was officially replaced by "irregular migrants" to describe those who are trying to enter a country without legal documents. A refugee is the person who had no choice but to leave his homeland for fear of persecution for reasons such as race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion and for these reasons is unable or unwilling to return back to his country. The phenomenon of immigration has led Greece and the European Union to adopt laws in order to avoid threats to their National Security system from illegal immigrants. Since 1991 the Schengen Agreement…show more content…
According to article 12 of the Protocol, Turkey should designate a port in Izmir or close to it, in order to create a border station to be used for the return of illegal immigrants. Under the bilateral protocol, Turkey agreed to receive at least 1,000 readmission requests annually, and to cooperate with Greece in the field of asylum and immigration management. Unfortunately since April 2002, when the Readmission Protocol was implemented, up to January 2015, 6,393 requests for readmission of 137.722 illegal migrants had been submitted to Turkey, of which the Turkish authorities passed 13.314 but ultimately received only 3.838 immigrants
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