Mason Jar Argumentative Essay

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and unless you’re making a meal for one, chances are there will be leftovers for the next few days. Many people use plastic containers with brands such as Tupperware, Glad, and Ziploc. Instead of microwaving your leftovers in those containers and subjecting your body and your family to the harmful chemicals that make up plastic, try an alternative like glass containers. My mom bandwagoned on the Mason Jars trend & now that’s our main way of putting away leftovers. It’s simple, easy, and affordable. Not only do we buy them while simultaneously buying the pasta sauce it holds, they also take up less space in the dishwasher! It’s a win-win and it helps decrease the amount of plastic being demanded for consumers…show more content…
Also, the trendy plastic glasses with a more “hipster” look are easily swapped out for stronger, long-lasting titanium or steel. Switch things up a bit, I dare you. We all have that relative who crowds their homes with knick knacks from around the world, and maybe they’re borderline hoarding, so why not encourage them to replace their love of plasticwares for little glass and ceramic ornaments instead? They look more classy anyway. Picture frames appear clearer, toys and dolls go back to basics and enrich today's youth with the heritage they’ve long forgotten, and if they don’t like these alternatives, perhaps you’ll persuade them to declutter their house and recycle, up-cycle, or down-cycle the things they no longer…show more content…
One example would be Capri Sun Pencil Pouches made from the juice pouches kids bring in their school lunches. Or taking broken pieces of plastic, metal, or other scraps and decoratively turning them into a piece of art. Down-cycling is what happens when you reuse something of high quality but it becomes lower quality the more times it is repurposed. For example, plastic water bottles cannot make new water bottles, but they can be used for park benches or other lesser quality higher volume plasticwares. Who is responsible for the physical and environmental dangers of the effects of plastic? Ultimately the consumer is responsible for the effects of plastic; it is due to the supply-demand ratio that manufacturers keep on manufacturing them, simple as that. If a society no longer demands it, it will slowly fade away and no longer be mass produced. It is one of the highlighted points of fast food to produce made in the movie “Food Inc.” If we demand healthier alternatives like fruits and veggies, the suppliers will take heed and address it accordingly; despite the attempts of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, America is still

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