The Importance Of Happiness

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Happiness is one of many things in life that people want to achieve. No one wants to be sad because it kills everyone’s mood. Instead, being happy is seen as more socially acceptable. Although it is important to maintain happiness in life, experiencing other emotions such as sadness, fear, or anger is just as important. Being able to express negative emotions can actually benefit an individual in many ways such as becoming more analytical and even increasing one’s ability to reason. By channeling negative emotions, a person is able to have a different perspective on life that they may not have noticed while in a good mood. When a person is in a sad state, they begin to self reflect and pay closer attentions to what they are doing. The person’s…show more content…
Instead, they suggest finding new ways to be happy in order to avoid entering a negative state of mind. Experiencing negative emotions hurts the individual instead of helping them such as giving them a lack of motivation to succeed while being happy helps an individual strive to try new things and make goals for themselves. In fact, studies have shown that “positive emotions drive us to success” and even “allow us to live longer”(David 124). When depressed, one simply lacks the motivation to do anything. When a person is in this negative state, they tend to neglect any effort to try to achieve happiness. They simply do not see the point in making a change to help better themselves. Positive psychologists are encouraging people to seek happiness by finding anything that brings them joy such as a hobby of theirs or socializing with loved ones. In order to help an individual achieve happiness, it is important that they “work on social skills, close interpersonal ties and social support”(Wallis). By working on these things, it is much easier for a person to be happy and distract them from their negative…show more content…
Although being happy is a good feeling for one to have, it can make a person oblivious to many things. Being able to experience other emotions such as sadness can really be beneficial to a person. Although being sad is not necessarily accepted by society, it sometimes helps an individual self reflect. When sad, a person is able to look at certain things they have done and realize what they could have done better. Negative emotions help people think before they do something. When feeling happy all the time, a person does not really think about what they are doing; instead, they are living in the moment which can be dangerous because they are oblivious to the risks they may be taking. Negative emotions such as sadness guide people in the right direction sometimes. That is why being happy is not always the way to go in life. Sometimes experiencing negative emotions can actually be a good thing for a person. Feeling down does not always have to be seen as a bad

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