What Role Did Women Play In The War Effort Essay

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During World War one and World War two, women did a lot on the home front to help out in the war effort. During World War one, women took the role of men and worked mostly in factories because of the high demand of weapons, this resulted in munitions factories becoming the largest single employed of women during 1918. Farms were also a high demand to send supplies such as food and other crops to the men fighting overseas. In World War two, due to the technological advances, women played a much larger role in helping out in the war effort. Women started to volunteer to serve in all branches of the armed forces. Not only were the women helping out in Canada, they were also helping out overseas. While women were overseas, they would help transport supplies to the troops, work as nurses and as…show more content…
They were expected to stay at home with their family and take care of the children while the men went off to work. These women were also expected to cook and clean around the house. Women were never given the opportunity to work in an actual workspace such as factories or working on the farm. An exception of a few women that got a job as a teacher or as a nurse. Everything changed when men went off to war; they needed people to fill the places of the men while they went off to fight in the war. As men left their jobs to fight overseas, women began to replace them in the workforce. These women took initiative and started working in jobs and creating different organizations to help raise money and support for the war. During the First World War, 30,000 women worked in munitions factories and thousands more worked in other industries, offices and on farms. Some of the things that women would do in the factories are, make ammunition, make guns and help build small explosives. In these factories, women were dealing with some very dangerous chemicals and substances, which was putting their lives at

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