Summary Of May Satron's Summer Music

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Reading May Satron’s “Summer Music” has me wishing that instead of sitting in my hot apartment all day doing homework, I want to be sitting a giant green grass covered hill with a light breeze blowing the scent of summer flower through the air and the horizon looking endless and flowers everywhere. Satron writes using a word choice that makes the poem come to life and transports me from my little brown couch in Old Town, to a field in the middle of nowhere. Turning off all the noise in my room, I can begin to hear the “soft applause” and the “yellow that crashes Loud cymbals in the ear,” cementing the image even more into my mind. Satron ends the poem with, “goes golden-buttercup-wild” which is phrase that adds motion and energy to the poem, almost as…show more content…
This read to me like a story that older siblings would tell to the younger ones about a family member, who may look a little creepy to make them scared and afraid. Smith uses certain words such as, “nightmare darkness”, “toothless maw”, “rip and shred”, and “fist fear-frozen” to help the reader feel the terror that this little girl is going through. When Baron Wormser’s poem “Children’s Ward” is both comical yet morbid at the same time. It is written from the perspective of the children in a hospital ward which hits close to home for me after spending a few days in a Pediatric ward with my sister last month. The poem starts right off with a huge dose of imagery due to the perfect choice of words that Wormser uses. “Accident face tells Breathless to let go,” This first line signifies that even though these children are in this situation of being ill, it does not stop them from acting like kids. I assume that “Accident face” is a child that either has been burned or has something that affects their face, and “Breathless” is a little girl who has lung

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