Inaccuracies In The Movie Invictus

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“Invictus” begins with Nelson Mandela being released from imprisonment and getting elected as South Africa’s president. He realized that his country was still suffering from racial division and racism despite the end of Apartheid, and he perpetually tries to end those racist ideologies throughout the movie. After getting elected as president, Mandela went to attend a Rugby match between England and South Africa and was very unhappy with the defeat of the South African team, the “Springbok”. The Springbok had only one black player and was a symbol of apartheid, and, thus, it was despised by many black people. Mandela then arranged a meeting with the Springbok captain, Francois Pienaar, in which he inspired Francois and told him of his plan of…show more content…
The poem, Invictus, which Mandela gave to Pienaar in the movie, was, in reality, “The Man in the Arena” by Roosevelt, and the Springbok actually played Canada and Romania before playing Western Samoa and France. In spite of all the inaccuracies in the movie, it displayed the important historical facts, such as, the racially divisive ideologies that existed despite the dismantlement of apartheid, and Mandela’s belief in sport’s capability of uniting the South African nation. The movie is also historically significant because it reminds us of one of the most important historical figures, Nelson Mandela, and some of South Africa’s most memorable years. Nelson Mandela helped convert South Africa to a democratic multi-racial country without the use of violence or bloodshed (Jamieson). He also dramatically contributed to charity, for example, he created the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (Jamieson). Nelson Mandela’s great accomplishments and his very inspirational personality made me interested in watching the movie, “Invictus”. Apparently, Morgan Freeman who is performing the role of Mandela did a great job in representing Mandela’s inspirational and wise figure, as well as , the movie, “Invictus”, demonstrated the events that happened in South Africa during those years in a fantastic

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