Shih Huang Ti Tyrant

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Would you like to have been ruled by a tyrant? Ch’in Shih Huang Ti, also known as Qin Shihuangdi, became the leader of the Chinese state Qin at age 13. He defeated all of his rival states and progressed to unite all of China by 221 B.C. However, Ch’in Shih Huang Ti passed cruel punishments to anyone who disobeyed his unfair laws. In addition, he became tremendously selfish for only himself. In my opinion, I feel that Ch’in Shih Huang Ti ruled as a tyrant. To start off, Ch’in Shih Huang Ti became selfish and greatly obsessed of himself. For example, the people who were under his rule disliked how he spent large amounts of money for himself. He used the money to construct 270 palaces and a gigantic tomb for when he died. Inside his tomb, he had an army of lifelike sculptures; over 6,000 soldiers and horses were made dedicated to the emperor. This army is known as Ch’in Shih Huang Ti’s “spirit army”. Furthermore, Ch’in Shih Huang Ti also became obsessed with the expectation of his own death. He traveled daily between his 270 different palaces so that no one was certain where he was. By doing so, his life and whereabouts became very secretive. In addition, he searched for immortality, or everlasting life. As a result, he became vulnerable to false magicians who promised so much but could give him nothing.…show more content…
In addition to his search for immortality, he had heard of a place on a faraway island where immortals were supposedly living at. As a result, he sent a huge army to search for the immortals. However, if the commander of the army failed his mission, he knew that Ch’in Shih Huang Ti would sentence him to death. So, he and his army simply never returned. Furthermore, because Ch’in Shih Huang Ti’s whereabouts were to be kept secret, anyone who revealed where he was were to be put to death along with their entire

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