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To what extent was the work done by women during WW1 the reason they were given the right to vote? Mla Section A: Plan of Investigation The need for women workers became urgent during the beginning of World War one. Men were leaving their jobs to go fight in the war and women began to take charge. The First World War sparked a whole new adventure for women; some would even say that the First World War resulted in a social revolution for women. In this essay I will determine the extent to which the work done by women during WW1 resulted in their right to vote. I will examine the traditional historian view that the work done by women during WW1 drastically altered male ideas about their role in society. However, there are other factors…show more content…
Baker Origin: Jean Baker is a Professor of History in Towson, Maryland at Goucher College. She wrote this book in Purpose: The purpose of this book is to inform the reader on the sets women took in order to receive the right to vote. Value: This source gave me detailed evidence of the suffragist’s movements that I included in my essay. It mainly helped me gather evidence on my second point in which World War 1 was not the most important event that helped women gain the right to vote. Limitations: Although the book had detailed information, I was only able to use this information when looking at one side of my argument. For example, there is a lot of research done on the “Nineteenth Amendment”. Even though the Nineteenth Amendment granted the official vote for women it is not very important for me when looking at the significance of women’s work in the war and receiving their vote. War and Social Change in the Twentieth Century Origin: Arthur Marwick and Birkbeck College published this at the University of Michigan in 2006. Purpose: This source was written to evaluate the different social changes that took place in the twentieth century specifically those throughout the…show more content…
Not only did the women’s experiences during the whole change the identity for all women but it also raised their individual self-image and identity as well. War was just the spark that the women needed. It accelerated a process that started way before 1914. Historian Arthur Marwick, argues that while it’s possible that their role in the workplace earned them political advancement, the war was what highlighted the economic and strategic value of women to the

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