Ethnocentrism In Canada

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Culture can be described differently depending on where one comes from and how they were raised. Therefore, we all have different definitions of culture. For example, my definition for culture is that; culture a particular organization that has its own beliefs and lifestyle. Whereas if a sociologist like Joanne Naiman was to define culture they would define it as the complete way of life shared by people, including both the material and non-material elements. Linking culture to ethnocentrism, it is obvious that they are related in a way because by definition, ethnocentrism is thinking that one’s culture is better than anyone else’s. Ethnocentrism being how one thinks that their culture is better than other’s cultures proves that some people sometimes take their culture and everyone else’s for granted. For example, the people who are ethnocentric ignore the value of other cultures. They refuse to get educated on how certain things are in other cultures which leads…show more content…
Ethnocentrism in North American country is real but not addressed or prevented as much as it should be. Ethnocentrism in Canada is usually found in younger people who are not well educated or who are ignorant about how other people’s lifestyles are. A great example to support this would be about how Canada or the United States of America celebrate the people who should not be celebrate whereas the one’s who deserve to be celebrated do not get acknowledged just because of their race or culture. Moving on to discussing Canadian culture, there are a number of things one can notice from it. The Canadian culture has changed significantly because of cultural diversity and multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is the influence that different traditions and religions have on Canada to form a Canadian culture, while culture diversity is a number of different cultures living in one

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